FT 440

FT440 put into the deep-fryer

FT 440

The FT 440 determines the temperature and the quality of your frying oil. Measuring the „Total Polar Material“ (TPM) content in the oil, the tester gives you an accurate overview of the quality of your frying medium in a percentage value. The FT 440 comes with a top light which works after the traffic light principle and gives clear warning when it is time to dispose your fat. Never change your oil too early or too late again.

Your benefits, when using the oil tester:

■ Measure the quality and temperature of your oil
■ Change your oil at the right time
■ Quick and reliable measuring results
■ Supports HACCP quality standards
■ Ergonomic and sturdy design
■ High degree of protection (IP67)

■ Credentials

Clean your oil with a VITO deep-frying oil filter and become one of over 40,000 satisfied VITO customers around the world!

■ Application

Step 1. Wait 20 Minutes before measurement

IMPORTANT! Take the fried food, out of the hot oil, at leat 20 minutes before you start the measurement.
There shall not be any food frying during the measurement!

Turn the FT440 on.

Press the on / off switch. As soon as – – appears, the device is ready for measurement.
The NextStep display now shows that you should hold the sensor in the oil.

Immerse the Sensor in the Oil

Now immerse the sensor in the hot oil. Note the marking for the min / max immersion depth.

Stir the Device. Keep a distance from the vessel's wall.

Now stir the device until the display temperature roughly matches the oil temperature. Keep a distance from the wall of the vessel while stirring.

As soon as the FT440 stops blinking the measurement is completed.

The measurement is completed when the TPM value, on the screen, stops blinking.

Side to side comparisson of the FT440 colour indicator

-Good oil quality: The lamp lights up green.
-Medium oil quality: The lamp lights up yellow.
-Poor oil quality: The lamp is red.

Clean the sensor of the FT440. Attention! There is a risk of burns!

Take the sensor out of the oil and clean it.
ATTENTION! There is a risk of burns!


Repeat the next day.

The measurement is done.
Measure once a day at operating temperature and repeat the process the next day.

■ Videos

■ Technical data and downloads

Dimensions: 2.1 x 0.9 x 12.4 in

Parameters: % TPM, °C/°F

Resolution: 0.5% TMP, 0.1 °C/°F

Range TPM: 0 – 40%

Range: 50°C – 200°C / 122°F – 392°F

Accuracy: ±2.0% TPM, ±1°C/°F

Battery: 3V Lithium (CR 2477)

IP Code: IP 67

Alarm: 3-color traffic light function

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